Introduction to Perseverance

First, we’re going to review how blogs work, and how to make a post on a blog, by viewing this slideshow:

Grade Blog

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: intro layout)

Next, we’re going to learn about risks and consequences. First, go to either of these sites Visuwords or Lexipedia, to find out synonyms (words with the same meaning) and antonyms (words with the opposite meaning) for risks and consequences:


Once you look those up, share some of what you learn in a comment here. Let me know a synonym, and antonym.

61 thoughts on “Introduction to Perseverance

  1. This tree is very long.
    The boy had to hang on the monkey bars.
    The kid was very short.
    He had to retain the anger in him.
    The boy

    WOW!, This is really good. It’s not what I asked for, but it does show an example of perseverance. Can you write another comment and just list three synonyms for perseverance?–Ms. Mercer

  2. * What is the narrative or story in this video?
    * Why is the girl “falling”? What is she falling into?
    * Why does he tell her that he’ll catch her if she does?
    * What does Chris Brown want? What does he want from the girl?

  3. what I think about this video, what it is perseverance is when he chase her whatever she goes he follow and he didn’t give up. He’ll catch her whenever she fall, thats what she said that he will do. He try to catch her eyes so he will be with her.

  4. Chris Brown was trying to get the girl to come back to him. He want her to love him.He try to save her off the building cliff.

  5. I think perseverance is in the music video because when the women falls Chis Brown is trying to catch her while she’s falling. Chis brown is trying to get her back after she left him.Chris brown is doing his best to get her back.

  6. what i think about the video is that it was OK and that it tells about falling in love. i think the dance was OK also. also i didn’t like the video because it i didn’t like Chris Brown but,otherwise yeah i liked it.

  7. the narrative is that rhianna was mad about her ex because he cheated on her..rhianna caught him cheating on her..she burnt his clothes and left..
    she was leaving and he was stalking her while she was driving..

  8. The video was about that Chris Brown was not giving up.He said he was going to catch her when she falls.He is trying to get her to fall in love with him okay.

  9. the narrative is that rhianna was mad at her ex and she found out he was cheating on her..she was telling him to leave but he did not..she was being a little mean telling him that hes ugly when he cries..
    then she burnt his clothes and left..she was saying to him to hurry and get his clothes before the sprinklers get on..he was stalking her while she was driving..

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