Week 17: What are your rights?


After reviewing this video, what rights do you and other children have? What problems are there in your neighborhood (Oak Park) that violate, or are against, your rights? Please write at least 3 sentences, then you can do an activity at the right.

73 thoughts on “Week 17: What are your rights?

  1. oak park is ghetto and it should be safe for kids and anyone else that lives there.it should not be no more fighting or using profanity in front of kids.

  2. I think people should have rights.
    I feel bad for the people who are sick, have cancer,etc.
    I, also feel bad for the people who don’t have homes.

  3. Me and other children have he right have a home and be loved by our family.one problem that we have in oak park is that at night we cant play out because theres lots of bad people.Also a problem we have is that you cant wear some colors because people will think that you are gang related.

  4. The things that work in
    Oak Park are School. All my friends. My karate class, it is so cool.

  5. The things in Oak Park that work for me are people who protect me like my mom and grandma. I am grateful for these things. Also school, the end.

  6. Maite I really like your reason for this assignment. not everybody gets the rights that you want nobody has to be threatened to do something or be forced but you do have a point.

  7. Ok.But those are all the bad things at least put something good on there, please.And why did you have to bring rapping on there.

  8. This is very good Greg, but you put bad twice and you spaced hood in neighborhood.

    Greg when you spelled robbing it is spelled with two b’s.

  9. Why don’t you wanna listen to your parents because they took care of you when you were small?

  10. me and other children have love in rights. around my neighborhood or oak park is drugs, or other are against rights. oak park probably is a cool place to live @ so that is a right

  11. I do not understand what you wrote Brendan man please write some thing what i can under stand.

  12. People be killing each other. There is to much gangsters.People kill each other for no reason. Gangsters fight for some dumb colors. Young kids are dying because of gangs.

  13. I agreed with that because many people are forced to do something. I also think that kids should have rights of their own.

  14. I agree with you because it is so true and you forgot about how we have to take our hoods off inside the school buildings.

  15. I think you did a good job.I agree with your statement.I think people shouldnt judge people.

  16. -The rights of a child are that it doesn’t matter what race or color of skin. It doesn’t matter what bot or girl. It doesn’t matter what kind of language you speak.You have a right to name and to be a member of a country. You have a right of love and affection. That what the rights for kids are.

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