Assignment #18: What Works in Oak Park

This week, please share something you like about Oak Park, or something you think does meet the rights you have as a child. It may be your family, it may be your neighbors, it may be your school. When you have finished writing three sentences, do the activities below.

73 thoughts on “Assignment #18: What Works in Oak Park

  1. Marcell I think you need to write more about what works in Oak Park. Marcell you did a very good job on writing the comment!

  2. I think you should have added a lot more detail , Gregory. You did a good job, though, Gregory.

  3. I like what you wrote because i also like my school and i like my neighborhood because theirs people who take care of me in oak park.Also i like what you wrote because i also am getting used to live in oak park.

  4. Wow! Such a cool life. I wish I have your life…
    Yeah! My life is boring, at school is the best place to be in.

  5. I also feel safe in oak park and at the school. Brendan I think that the opportunities are awesome.

  6. Why did you think she is dead? Do you think its okay when she call us baby? I thought the same as you!

  7. Things that works in this neighborhood is the library, cops, families, trees, community, churches, and the schools around us.

  8. Nai, I really like the way you think. I like how you talk about people that care. I also like your family.

  9. Yeah I also like it here because some of my relatives are here. The other reason is some of the people here are my cousins are here and half of them are my best friends.

  10. What keeps me safe…are my wonderful friends (Dulce, Erika, Adriana, Aaliyah, Linda), my family, and my parents.

  11. You did a really great job it shows your true feelings.It looks like if you were President of United States you will try to fix this problem.

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